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    Peter & Emma


    We have lived Enford for the last 14 years - The Swan was our first port of call after moving in! When faced with the move nearer to work in Hampshire, we struggled with the idea of leaving our beautiful village behind.

    Luckily Pete's experience in a busy pub and many years as a Head Chef stood us in good stead when The Swan came up!

    Emma still works in Hampshire but can often be found behind the bar or upstairs doing the paperwork!

    Digger & Pickle

    The noisy ones

    Digger and Pickle are the pub's resident noisy duo and, during opening hours, can often be heard thundering down the hallway corridor upstairs or giving a friendly bark to the other dogs that visit           The Swan.  

    They're very friendly and give great hugs but will soon lead you to the treats tin that's behind the bar!  When they are allowed down at the end of a shift, they can be found watching the windows carefully to welcome any visitors!

    The Swan

    Our community hub

    The Swan has stood for over 350 years in our little village of Enford which sits on the River Avon, just 7 miles north of Stonehenge.  It has seen many changes in this time as the village has grown from a small farming community to a popular home for locals and commuters alike.  When you visit us, we take pleasure in sharing this heritage with you.  The photos and postcards you'll see in the pub are copies of ones loaned to us by villagers who have lived in and around Enford for many years or from keen collectors of local history memorabilia.  Some even date back to the late 1800s. 


    As the villagers watched their local bakery, garage, post office and shop disappear over time, they were deterined to keep the pub as the village's last remaining amenity.  In fact, the building is still owned by a small group of villagers who are as passionate as we are about our unique public house. 


    This is where you find The Swan today.  At the heart of its community.  We serve locals not just from Enford but from the surrounding hamlets of Coombe, Compton and East Chisenbury as well as the larger villages such as Netheravon, Upavon and Durrington.  


    Our Grade II listed building has historic significance and is in a conservation area which runs through our pretty village to the south and north.  Swans nest just across the road and are often seen with their cygnets from Enford bridge which links the village to the main A345.  The National Cycle Network also runs directly through Enford and we back onto Salisbury Plain which is a popular walking spot, especially with Pickle & Digger!  We are popular with cyclists, walkers and tourists as well as villagers who all blend together to create a special atmosphere unique to The Swan. 

  • FOOD

    All our food is home made and, wherever possible, locally sourced.  

    We work closely with our butcher Tim and veg supplier Kenyons, to get the very best available as well as other small producers who believe in the same things we do.


    A light bite or something more substantial

    Proper sandwiches, homemade soup and magnificent omelettes!


    Our lunch menu combines our 'Swan favourites' menu of pub classics with a lighter selection of homemade sandwiches, soups and omelettes which can be customised (yes, we even have gluten free bread!)


    Download a sample lunch menu here



    Can't be bothered to cook or want to catch up with friends?

    Homemade without the hassle of washing up!


    We have a good selection of warm and cold starters to share or keep all to yourself as well as a 'Swan favourites' board full of pub classics which are all homemade by Pete and Debs in our kitchen. Lasagne (meat & veggie), sausages made to our own recipe, chilli, salmon goujons or fresh fishcakes and more as well as our own infamous 'Swan's burger' with as much cheese and bacon as you can manage! In addition to this, we have a good range of additional main meals which reflect seasonal availability; game, fish freshly caught or a proper pie handmade by us as well as the choice of the best steaks we can find.


    Download a sample menu here (specials not included as these change frequently)



    Someone told me we have a separate stomach for pudding

    It's a good job!


    Puddings are all homemade and change frequently. Favourites are Pete's Sticky toffee pudding, Matt's summer fruit terrine and of course, our homemade crumble which varies from traditional rhubarb and custard to sticky toffee apple and everything in between - with homemade custard of course! Our ice creams are all from local supplier Marshfields and you can round off your meal with coffee, specially blended and purchased in partnership with The Food Gallery, Marlborough.


    Download a sample pudding menu here. These change weekly.


    Roasts on Sundays

    Simply legendary

    Why cook when you can go out?


    We think there's nothing better than relaxing in a pub with a cold drink and huge roast in the company of family, friends or just on your own, particularly when the fire is roaring and it's cold outside!


    We usually have at least 2 roast meats; beef and pork but are also known to have venison or partridge or chicken depending on our local supply. Of course, you can't have pork without crunchy crackling and you can't have beef without yorkshire puds - Pete's a Yorkshire man through and through so knows how to do them well!


    We've got it all; a proper pint, great wine and everything in between!


    We held our inaugural beer festival 'Swanfest' in August 2015 and showcased 20 local beers; in 2016 we showcased 25, from a range of our usual suppliers as well as new ones for you to all test out - the most popular are now stocked in the Swan and we;ve just done it all over again in 2017!


    You can even try them out with our new 'beer flights' - have a third of a pint of 3 different beers all for the price of 1!


    To top it off, we've just been awarded the Cask Marque seal of approval and CAMRA's LocAle award for stocking local beers.


    Brewed less than 2 miles away in Netheravon, Stig, Anne-Marie and their team have brought great Danish brewing techniques to this old brewery and they're our most popular by far.

    Heelstone is our best seller - a deep amber bitter with hints of blackcurrant at 4.3% APV.

    Great Bustard is on at the moment though which gives Heelstone a run for it's money!


    Brewed in Pewsey in Gordon's shed (properly of course!), Shed ales are always popular and change with each barrel.


    Gord & Sam have just opened their own micro pub in Pewsey - an exciting venture! Visit them at www.theshedalehouse.co.uk


    We put the 3Daggers Ale on as a trial back in February 2015 and haven't been able to take it off the bar since! It's an easy, amber drink at 4.1%ABV and, it's brewed locally in Edington which is a bonus! Our locals have gone to great lengths to ensure we never run out, even fetching a barrel of it for us direct from the brewery over a bank holiday after drinking us dry the night before!! We regularly stock the 'Daggers Ale' but have been know to try their specialist 'Festival Ale' at 4.2% and 'Daggers edge' at 4.7%.


    We added to our cider range back in 2016 with Kingstone Press Classic Apple and Kingstone Press Berries - both are extra chilled and super delicious with just enough sparkle.

    If you prefer something a bit more traditional, Thatchers Gold, a classic, is also on tap.


    This is a special one! Not only do we get beer from here, we also buy our customer's favourite vodka - homemade on the Ramsbury estate, and now, their new gin too! We love the folks at Ramsbury because they're always onto the next big thing. The vodka is so smooth and the gin so tasty, you'd be forgiven for forgetting about their beer (although that's great too!)


    This fantastic micro-brewery, under the White Horse at Westbury in Wiltshire, was a chance entry onto our Swanfest list in 2015 and we haven't looked back. Goucho (4.6% ABV), a ruby ale, is our favourite but we are spoilt for choice! The team at Twisted produce great session ales and we love their beer badges too!


    You can't be in the beer world and ignore the might of Plain Ales. Their Inncognito has won almost every award going and when we put on our favourites; Innocence & Innspiration, they fly out! Plus, they're really local; Sutton Veny in the middle of Salisbury Plains. Bonus!


    We met Kate through a local contact but our wine choice is varied and wide. Just as we choose our beer and food suppliers carefully, Enotria is no different. They support small, local growers and producers - our house champagne is a great example of this. Of course we have our favourites; a rich red Malbec, Sospiro Pinot Grigio blush in the pinks and a delicious pineappley Chenin Blanc; Just Nuisance, named after a naughty seafaring dog.


    We believe in serving the best food that comes from the best ingredients we can find and, where possible, this being local. We're learning all the time and always on the lookout for a new supplier to provide us with something that's local and that extends beyond the food too. As we've been updating the pub and giving the building that little bit of love that it has needed for so long, we sought out some of the best local business people and trades.


    So no pub is a proper pub anymore without a good food offer and we are extremely loyal our good suppliers, many of whom have worked with Pete over the past 15 years. 


    Without decent beer (that's well kept of course) and a range of wines and soft drinks to suit all palates and pockets. you can find our suppliers listed by clicking above. 

    Building bits

    Living and working in a grade II listed building requires a good deal of dedication, pennies and being completely honest with yourself about your limits. Find out who we've worked with to restore our beautiful old pub.

    The wall in the photo opposite became damp after we lined the chimney and when our cob man took it back to brick, we discovered an original beam, hidden cubby hole and part of the original foundations!  Needless to say, we've restored them so that you can have a sneaky peek at the old building as well as traditional cob and lime mortar plaster. 

    Our other partners

    From the decorations around the fireplace to the framed pictures, printing, Swanfest partners and many more. 


    Delicious, home-made, home-cooked food is what we're all about (and good beer of course).

    Walter Rose & Sons - Butcher

    We've teamed up with award winning Devizes based butchers and just love working with Charlie, Jack and the team to provide you with the best meat we can source. We love the fact that the beef, pork, chicken and anything else from them can be sourced directly back to the farm the animals were reared on and this helps us provide great quality time after time.


    Kenyons - Fruit & vegetables

    Niki, Steve and Jason work the longest hours we know to provide us and lots of local businesses with the best fruit and veg. Niki will often pop a few extras of something in our order which will later turn up on the menu as something exciting. They're based in Andover and deliver to other restaurants, pubs and greengrocers.


    James Waight- meat - as local as you can get!

    When James, our local farmer, approached us about stocking some of his pork and beef, we jumped at the chance but our local venison also comes from him too and he lives and farms in Enford.


    Hunts - dry goods

    All of our core ingredients such as flours, herbs as well the crisps and peanuts for the bar come from this Dorset based, family grown foods supplier. Pete has worked with Hunt's for many years and trusts their high quality and prompt service.


    Fjordlings smokehouse

    This tiny company, steeped in tradition, have just moved from Fordingbridge to Romsey and supply us with delicious smoked trout, chicken and duck for our salads and some of our starters.


    Where would we be without good beer and a range of good wines and soft drinks?

    Stonehenge Ales - 1 mile away!

    Stig and his small team produce our most popular cask ale by hand less than a mile away. Based at the mill in Netheravon, we sell around 140 pints of this beautiful beer each week. You can even arrange for a brewery tour of your own.



    Shed Ales - 6 miles away

    Gord and Sam are the most important people in Pewsey we think! They brew 'Shed Ales' in their purpose built shed and have even opened their own micro-pub in Pewsey. Our favourites are 'Shed some light' and the very special, very rare, Blackberry Porter. 2015 was their most successful year yet with several CAMRA awards for their home produced craft ales.



    Three Daggers - 13 miles away

    One of our customers recommended the three daggers brewery to us and we put it on as a trial over a year ago - we haven't been able to take it off since! A classic amber ale is always on tap and you can arrange for an evening in their brewery as well as a shop in their on site, award-winning farm shop.



    Marstons - all over the place!

    We have worked closely with David and the team at Marstons since moving into The Swan and they have been first class at giving us a helping hand and guiding our ale choices. We love Marstons because although they own many of the smaller brewers, Ringwood, Jennings, Banks etc, they have allowed these smaller brewers to retain their own characters. Our lagers, cider and some beers come from them.



    This Somerset soft drinks company are our go-to for our Coke, Lemonade and Diet Coke.  Super reliable and great tasting, they keep us going all year round. 


    Enotria & Coe Vintners

    On recommendation from another local landlord, we met Kate from Enotria and she has guided and supported us in choosing an ever-growing wine list that is becoming increasingly broad and adventurous.  Always on had with useful tasting sessions and guidance, Kate only recommends the best.  We particularly like the fact that they seek out small, one off suppliers such as our house champagne.  They also supply all our spirits.  






    Who knew that there would be so much to do on an old building. Not quite Grand Designs but certainly a labour of love! We are so grateful to all the people who have been so patient with us as we've learnt new things about restoring a beautiful old building.

    TurnItRound - Property maintenance

    Emma's dad Richard has been, at times, the only ray of sunshine when we've had burst pipes and damp walls. They are no more as he has worked his wonderful magic on the building as well as the back and front gardens, drains, gutters, plumbing, painting, get the picture? It takes a very special someone to be able to turn their hand to all these jobs which are immediate as well as having an eye on the longer term needs of an old building.



    Adam Nash - Master thatcher

    Adam and his team came to us in August 2014 when our thatch leaked very badly. They stopped other jobs and prioritised the pub as the roof wouldn't make it through the winter and by the end of November, we had the most beautiful, newly thatched roof. It was a pleasure watching it be transformed as well as being educated in this incredible trade. Truly a master craftsman.



    RGV Engineering - plumbing, heating and electrical engineers

    A really local business only 1 mile away have helped us through the colder months by installing a brand new boiler and sorting our very ancient heating system.



    Juan & Stuart Rolfe - Painter Decorators

    Our angels in painting aprons! Juan and Stuart had worked with Emma at her school and were the first people to give us a ray of hope when we moved in. They work through the night to make miracles happen and transformed the pub from a dark old building into a beautiful, Farrow & Ball green country pub!


    Semral Gladwin - Upholstery

    Sam has worked her magic to reinvigorate our tired furniture and it's now covered in beautiful cognac leather and Moon & Son tweed.



    Bits & Pieces - DIY store

    You know those old fashioned stores that sell a bit of everything you need and if not, can get hold of it in a jiffy AND they deliver AND they're only in Durrington!! From screws to Christmas trees, Paul has it all in his shop (and his daughter Jemma works for us too!)

    01980 655552


    PJ Wilshire builders

    This Upavon based 3-man-band of Pete, Martin and Colin were our saviours last year and rebuild our massive, retaining wall in the back garden in double quick time so that we, and our customers, could enjoy the summer out there.


    JK Carpets - Durrington

    For a small shop, they have an amazing choice of floors and have helped to make our upstairs feel like a home again. Jason & Kevin are just the best carpet fitters who get it all done in a jiffy - even our tricky stairs that everyone else said 'couldn't be done'.



    Tree Technique

    If you knew the pub or village of old, you'd know that some massive Leylandii had taken up residence outside the pub and overgrown the telegraph pole, the water meter and half of the car park. Lee and his team sorted this for us and now the village has sight of our beautiful roof and the car park has gained an extra space! And they're local - based in Amesbury.



    Wiltshire hurdles - Market Lavington

    By removing the huge trees near the car park, not only was blue sky revealed but also our gas bottles, oil tank and various other, unsightly bits that keep the pub functioning.  Bill and Debbie handbuilt our beautiful hazel hurdle fencing that runs over the edge of the car park and restores the pub to it's former pretty outlook.  Plus gives our neighbours a nicer view!




    If we've missed anyone out - we're sorry! Please let us know.  

    We couldn't have done it without these very special little (and big) businesses and continue to use them and any others to bring all of our customers a great English pub experience. 

    These Fair Hands - Hampshire

    Emma spotted Paul from These Fair Hnds at a craft show and loved his work instantly so we commissioned him to create our beer bats (see the photos on the drinks page of our website. We love them and so do our visitors as it means they can try three beers at once! www.thesefairhands.co.uk


    Unstuck design - Salisbury

    We knew the moment we stepped into the design studio tucked away into the little barn in Upper Woodford that we would love working with Unstuck and we haven't been disappointed. James and his team (including the brilliant Paul and Bexi) have listened to what we want and come up with things that totally reflect us and our style. www.unstuckdesign.co.uk


    Garden Inn - Stockbridge

    So, a little further out than normal but the lovely ladies at the Garden Inn help Emma to get the flowers for the pub spot on.



    Karin's flowers - Durrington

    Many of you comment on our beautiful wreaths which hang from both our front doors each season. Inspired by images collected on Pinterest, Emma approached Karin and asked her to create her own take on these collective images. They're beautiful and last for months.



    Original Glory - Framers in Devizes

    Although a tiny shop front, this is an aladdin's cave of Farrow and Ball paints plus frames and mounts for pictures. We've used them on several occasions and are always pleased with the result.



    Barbara Leatham Photography

    99% of the photos on our website are Barbara's. Her patience, energy and ability to see things from all kinds of angles and think of things we'd never considered are second to none. Highly recommended.


  • Christmas at The Swan

    It's our favourite time of the year so we thought you'd like to know what we're up to.

    Christmas party menu

    Throughout the month of December, come and eat with us and friends

    Whether you're a party of 2 of a party of 20+, if you would like to eat our Christmas menu, it'll be on offer from the 1st December through to the 23rd and available lunch and evening, Monday to Saturday.

    You can access the menu by clicking here.

    Great for colleagues from work, family groups who are spread far and wide and would like a central, festive meeting point as well as friends catching up over Christmas. We'll be certain to fill you full and celebrate the festive season with you.

    Get booking quickly as spaces are already filling up!

    Opening hours over Christmas & New Year

    December 1st

    Christmas menu starts - pre-bookings only.

    Normal menu available all month too.


    December 15th

    Hamper orders must be returned to the pub.


    December 19th

    Christmas Quiz night and Carol singers


    Christmas Eve

    Christmas raffle drawn from 9pm onwards.

    Come and eat with us on the evening and save washing up!


    Christmas Day

    Open 12pm - 2pm for drinks.

    Let Emma & Pete serve you whilst the turkey is cooking.


    Boxing Day


    Reopen for lunch on December 27th and as normal throughout the week between Christmas and New Year.


    New Year's Eve

    Open for lunch 12pm - 4pm (food until 3pm)

    Open in the evening from 6pm - late! Food from 6.30pm - 9pm, tables cleared at 10pm and then CASINO until late.

    Bacon butties on us at midnight!


    New Year's Day



    Tuesday 2nd January

    Back to normality!

    From then on, our usual opening hours apply.



  • Would you like to hear the news before anyone else?

    Keep in touch with all that we are up to at The Swan, Enford by completing the form below.

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    Don't worry, we won't sell your details to anyone (we hate that too!) and we won't pester you - once in a blue moon is about Emma's capability!!


    We've been in the pub for 3 years and the time has flown! We're always thinking of more things to do and changing the menu plus, restoring an old building is never dull!

    Keep an eye on here to see how things are going.

    It's Christmas already!

    Christmas menu, hot off the press!

    Here at The Swan, we absolutely LOVE Christmas! Well, Emma and the staff do, Pete's not so keen! We've surpassed ourselves this year and managed to have the Christmas menu out before the end of September so that you can all make informed choices about where you'd like to eat with friends in December and get booked in before everyone else does!

    Christmas 2017 menu is set to be the best ever because we'll be working in our sparkly, spangly new kitchen with new, modern equipment and not on our current 4 burner hob that's 15+ years old.

    Happy days and Happy Christmas!

    Wiltshire Life - BEST PUB OF THE YEAR!!

    Awarded in March 2017

    We are so honoured to have been voted Wiltshire Life's Pub of the Year 2017. Who would have thought that it could ever be us?! We absolutely love Wiltshire, are very proud to call it home and very proud to serve Wiltshire food to both our local customers and those who visit us from farther afield. The award is a great recognition of all that we do but also of our customer's passion for all things Wiltshire too and their unrelenting enthusiasm for the pub and village life. We are very, very lucky in this day and age to have such a fabulous staff and be a popular pub - the statistics of pubs closing every week are staggering and we're delighted to be battling against this. Thank you!

    Conker competition!

    Who said conkers were for children?!

    Some boys just never really grow up!


    Each month our fireplace is redecorated to reflect the season or events. On spying the conkers on the fireplace for autumn, these naughty chaps from the First Thursday Club couldn't resist and were soon skewering holes in them, stealing laces from their shoes and playing conkers. Hume had even brought conkers from home (I wonder if his sons spotted them missing?!).

    Simon emerged victorious in this inaugural competition but the rest weren't far behind! I've got a conker trophy in mind for next year! We did spy the cheating though - stealing them from the fireplace once they're baked nice and hard is not really fair is it?!!!

    Stocking Local Ales ALL the time

    Keeping it local is so important

    It was fantastic to receive CAMRA recognition for our pursuit of fine ales recently. The LocAle award means that we permanently stock locally brewed cask ales all supplied by breweries within 30 miles of our pub. We always have something from our most local brewery on tap: Stonehenge Ales (www.stonehengeales.co.uk) and then take from a huge range;

    • Three Daggers at Edington  www.threedaggers.co.uk
    • Plain Ales at Sutton Veny      www.plainales.co.uk
    • Twisted at Westbury               www.twisted-brewing.com
    • Milk Street in Frome               www.milkstreetbrewery.co.uk     to name but a few.

    Pop in and see what we have on offer!

    Specialist + scaffold =super cob!

    Our beautiful building needed a bit of 21st century help

    It's amazing what you find when you scratch the surface


    Our beautiful building (OK, not looking so lovely in this photo!) needed a new coat! The main part of the pub dates from the 16th century and was made from brick, flint, lime mortar and cob but over the years, has been repainted with modern plastic based paints and taken a bit of a beating. We have worked with Nick Buxcey, cob and lime specialist, to restore the outside of the building to it's former glory. He and his son Harry, have spent many painstaking hours scraping paint from the back and front of the building and are now re-coating with natural lime products and repairing chunks of the damaged wall.

    During the process, we have discovered an old clay pipe, a coin from 1771 buried in the mortar of a later extension of the pub and the original fire insurance plaque from the 1770s!


    Don't just take what we say - read other's opinions of our pub for yourself

    (Of course, if you've got a complaint, please let us know first so we can deal with it effectively!)


    The beautiful village of Enford in the heart of Salisbury Plains is a great stopping off point for cyclists of all abilities. Whether you're cycling from along the next hamlet along our back road or on a mammoth journey, you'll find a warm welcome with us.


    Okay, not for the amateur cyclist perhaps but a brilliant way to see the South of England.  

    Visit the website by clicking below and don't forget to make the detour to Stonehenge, via The Swan. 


    Get in touch!











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